Sunday, February 4, 2018

Doctor Who Chopsticks Quilt: in progress

The Chopsticks quilt pattern is by Jaybird Quilts and since it's been out for several years you should be able to find it at various quilt stores and online. Other than matching the points when sewing the rows this quilt sews up really quickly. You will need a large 60 degree triangle ruler though.
A few months ago *cough* last summer *cough* I finished one that I made using Asian style cotton prints and a golden yellow floral. I made the baby size quilt but it's currently hanging on a wall in my house.

finished baby size Asian themed Chopsticks quilt

A few weeks ago while cuddled up under blankets on my bed watching a BBC America Doctor Who marathon I realized I didn't have a nice warm cuddly quilt for napping and tv watching. I remembered that i had a small collection of Doctor Who fabrics in my stash. Since they are so detailed I didn't want to chop them up into bits instead I wanted to showcase them. I thought hey this would be great for chopsticks. I pulled my fabrics and the pattern out. I choose a minty green solid kona cotton for the background. I thought it was more interesting than grey or black. I'm changing the size a bit and aiming for a quilt size in between the lap quilt and the twin bed sized quilt. So far I have finished my Doctor Who center themed blocks now I am working on the ones that get the minty green centers and the Doctor themed strips.

I haven't entirely decided on the backing yet. I keep thinking that I should go with a cuddly minky fabric for the back. Then I might only use the lightest of battings if any. Or maybe I'll go with a flannel backing.