Friday, September 1, 2017

2017 a fast changing year

I cannot believe it is September already. I realize I have nearly abandoned this blog. It was never my intention; time passed me by. I've actually spent the last year plus sewing quilts instead of clothing and I should probably put together a post on those so you can see what I've been up to. I just haven't really made the time to do much or any clothing sewing. I did make a dress and skirt with the last year so I'll make a post on that later.

One thing I did do was go through my sewing patterns. I cleared out ones I didn't think I'd use. I surprised myself by destashing all the Colette Patterns that I had. I admit I kind of had a fangirl thing for their patterns even though they never really worked for me.  I always figured it was my rusty skills. The entire Rue debacle just left such a sour taste that the patterns made me feel more annoyed than enamored. Plus they had drifted from the twee, retro style that i admit I like and they had gone to ugly, bland, and boxy. Today, I'd say the only thing I like about Colette patterns is the booklet format of their instructions because it's easier to read than those instructions sheets that you have to flip around.

In fun news; I got some patterns a few months ago at an estate sale for a 4-H leader in sewing. I bought a bunch of vintage patterns in more usable sizes. She must have kept every pattern she ever bought or her students bought. I kind of wish I had offered them a lump sum for anything left at the end of the day. All her patterns have so far been complete. I'm looking forward to some sewing in 2018.


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