Saturday, February 14, 2015

I got a dress form

For several months now I have been wanting a dress form. My research had lead to be believe the best one for my budget and skill level would be the Uniquely You dress form. It's a foam dress form that comes with a cover that you sew to your specific size. You sew the cover so that it's like a second skin so that the dress form would end up be a close representation of yourself.
A dress form is of course not a priority in my purchasing. Just the other day a quilter, my mom has known for years, mentioned that she was looking for rehome her dress form. I said I'd take it. I had no idea what type of dress form it would be. So I was really delighted to discover that it is a vintage Uniquely You dress form.
My new "friend" is smaller than myself so I'll need to pad her out some and I will need to make a new cover for her. Luckily, a few weeks ago I registered for a Craftsy class on Customizing Your Dress Form. I wont have to deal the the unique torpedo boobs feature that new Uniquely You dress forms often have. My form has been in her original cover for many years so the foam has been compressed. I'm not sure it is going to puff back up.
Like all dress forms I will have to give her a name. I got her from a woman named Betty so I could always name her Betty.

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