Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Seasonal Color Inspiration: Autumn

The first day of Fall. The cooler crisp days are upon us and the bright colors of summer are fading...wait not so fast. Autumn has a color inspiration all it's own. We can see it in the natural beauty around us.

Fall/Autumn is not a time of dull colors. You still have the reds and dark purple of blackberries, the lavender tones of Autumn Crocus, the vivid yellow of Tansy, the bold oranges of marigolds, even the leaves as they change go from green to lime green to yellow and shades or orange and red. There is the creamy tans of hops. There is the grey and brown of blown seed heads. The pure white tones of Snowberry.

Whenever you get stuck for color inspiration look at the nature that surrounds you. Mother nature usually mixes colors in a wonderfully pleasing manner.

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