Monday, July 28, 2014

Mid-Century Modern Chair Makeover part 1.5

So why part 1.5? Well it is because I haven't actually made much headway in the makeover other than I selected fabric and paint.

I started out thinking I would go in one direction with the fabric and paint. Here is an example of what I was originally going to do.

Dark Charcoal Grey or Black Paint, Then I had two fabrics in mind.
Top: HGTV Home - Pop Art in Onyx
Bottom: Waverly Kaleidoscope in Tuxedo
Both of these fabrics were available at my local Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts but you can find them through some online fabric retailers as well.

I went to look at fabric first and it was a good thing I did. While those two fabrics were nice they just were not "it". I wandered through all the upholstery and home decorator fabrics and I ended up getting this fabric instead.

This is Gloria Prism by Richloom from their Platinum Collection. The fabric is a bit lighter weight than what I was originally wanting. I think it's more for drapery or light upholstered items. So I am thinking I will back it with a cheap black cotton fabric. I love the bright, fun flowers on it and all the colors. The chair isn't really going to be used all the time.

Then I had to get my paint. I was still thinking charcoal grey. I went to Lowes which had a really pitiful spray paint section. Not a single dark grey to be seen except as a primer. I really didn't want it to be that matte. Then I went to Home Depot. They had a better spray paint section with a big empty spot for Dark Grey. Although, they did have one called Granite which I considered but then I spotted this one.

Rust-oleum Painter's Touch in Satin Aubergine. It's the right finish, a satin. The pretty purple tone is in the fabric. It's a nice fun color.

So this chair is not going to look like how I originally's going to be better!

Click here to read part 1 and see the before pictures of the chair

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